The Art-Memory Connection

When I first came across NiQOO, I was drawn to the beauty of the curated pieces created by artists all over the world. Art can mean different things to different people. Some of us are attracted to art because it makes us think, or feel, or see something with a new perspective. For me, I’ve always appreciated that a love of art does not require an explanation; we can enjoy art simply because it’s beautiful.

Nima Chaichi_Wintertime Love

Wintertime Love by Nima Chaichi

What makes something beautiful? This is a question of continuous cultural debate, in part because there is no right answer. It can be difficult to remember that beauty is an opinion when we are often bombarded with images and voices suggesting a narrow view of beauty and ideal appearance.

What we perceive to be beautiful is often about much more than appearance and is tied closely to memory and emotion. In my own life, there are several moments that stand out as especially beautiful. I remember swimming as a child at sunset in the tangerine-colored waters of Lake Michigan. As a college student, I remember the voices of Christmas carolers drifting across the campus green through the falling snow. More recently, I remember listening to a group of women give their blessings to a soon-to-be-born child. These memories are beautiful because of the emotion attached to the experience.

Memory_Winter Wedding_B&W

Young Couple in New York City’s Central Park

There is no doubt that all the art featured on NiQOO is beautiful, but a few of the pieces connected strongly with my own memories. Nima Chaichi’s “Winter Love” reminds me of a winter afternoon in New York City’s Central Park where I witnessed a young bride and groom taking pictures of the beginning of their life together. Juanma Agudo Carrizo’s “New York Central Station” reminds me of wandering through the old city of Jerusalem and feeling small in an expansive world. Akila Berjaoui’s “Eva” reminds me of an elderly woman I saw outside a café in Paris; I couldn’t help but wonder if she saw herself as beautiful like I saw her.

Juanma Agudo Carrizo_New York Central Station

New York Central Station by Juanma Agudo Carrizo

Of course the memories and emotions provoked by these pieces will be different from person to person. The most impactful art often brings out the strongest emotions and taps into visceral experiences from our own lives, like the freedom of childhood, the peace of a winter night, or the connection between women of different backgrounds. Art has the power to capture and convey the essence of these emotional experiences.

Akila Berjaoui_Eva

Eva by Akila Berjaoui

Feel free to comment and share your stories of what art means to you and which pieces have impacted you the most, and be sure to enjoy the beauty of the art featured on NiQOO.

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See published article on NiQOO’s blog page here.


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