Up on the Glass

UP ON THE GLASS is a psychological thriller about a wanderer trapped between his blue-collar roots and white-collar aspirations who pines for the life of his successful college friend. One heinous act leads to this possibility, but he learns his friend’s life is a prison and only the truth can set him free.Co-written and produced by myself and director, Kevin Del Principe, this feature film is currently in consideration at festivals. Shot in Michigan in June of 2018, Up on the Glass is produced by Save Them Wild Dogs, LLC.


Those Little Monsters

“Those Little Monsters” is the story of a young woman and her partner trapped in a home they built with lies. She meets another man who inspires her to change, but her partner will do anything to stop their truth. I co-wrote and co-produced this short film with director Kevin Del Principe. I also play the part of the female lead.

TLM FB Image

“Those Little Monsters” screened at The Other Venice Film Festival in Venice, CA in October 2016 as well as the Imaginarium Film Festival in Louisville, KY in October 2016. The film was also an official selection for the Blow-Up • Chicago International Arthouse FILM FEST and received a bronze award for the L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film, & Script Festival.